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May 31, 2022
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All around Paris, you’ll spot office workers, shop assistants, and students flocking to the restaurants starting around noon. Lunch is a big deal here and is usually served between 12 am and 3 pm. One of our favorite lunch spots in the whole city is Paperboy, a charming cafe that serves some of the best midday snacks around.

You’ll get to choose from different dishes of the day that focus on different proteins. Have your pick of meat (with pastrami and turkey), fish (smoked salmon), pick a vegetarian plate or go for the great Caesar’s salad. Everything here tastes great and comes on big plates full of healthy sides like handmade coleslaw, avocados, and crunchy salad. The menu also features some sandwiches, if that’s what you are craving. For drinks, stick to the homemade lemonades.

The place is always packed, yet the service staff always stays cool and charming. And while you’re waiting for your lunch, have a look at the collection of funky candy from all around the world that is stacked on the shelves.

Paperboy also serves a fantastic breakfast (including the best peanut butter ever), so if you’d like that instead, drop by earlier.

Paperboy // 137 rue Amelot // Mon-Sun 10am-4pm // Instagram

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